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My summer screenprinting class will be over soon, and hopefully when it's over I won't be a lazy weiner and will instead draw some of the stuff I've been wanting to draw. I never get to do much fan art during the school year, and there's getting to be a backlog of stuff I want to draw.

First off, Love Never Dies, the ridiculous POTO sequel, was hilarious and I want to do at least one comic about that.

I've been listening to a hell of a lot of Gorillaz lately, trying to get my hands on every video and scrap of promotional info I can find. Really want to draw Murdoc and 2D.

Then there's a bunch of stuff I've started and never finished, Portal stuff, Monstrumologist stuff, Tintin stuff...

I think I'll update with a list later, to help me force myself to be productive. I'd really like to draw right now, but I'm hot and achey and I can never draw when my hands are sweaty, anyway.

I miss Labyrinth. I really want to have a nostalgia day where I lay around with a sketchbook and some bros and watch all my favourite fantasy flicks. Having a real job has made me yearn for escapism once more. Yeah, I guess I didn't mention I'm working at Walgreens now. It's funny, I used to always feel... Angry at MCAD for eating my life, but compared to working retail... Man, I am a lucky son of a gun. Taking a summer course has actually been pretty fun. I'll miss it.

Whoa, just realized how much I hate the DA emoticons now. Why have those not been updated? I've been here for what, four years? Come on, man.
  • Listening to: Murdoc is God - Gorillaz
  • Reading: Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
  • Watching: Adventure Time
  • Drinking: Orange Mango juice
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Submitted on
August 2, 2012