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Hey, so uh. Haven't been on here in a long time. Thing is, I don't really have the time to manage a DA account anymore. I've been keeping my tumblr updated though, so that's where all my art's gonna be from now on. We've had some good times, DA. But uh. Y'know. Yeah.

So, I have an art blog, where I post all my original stuff:
And a personal blog, where I post my fanart and answer questions and other stuff:

Really hope to see you guys there. :)
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Hey hey hey looks like :iconphuzface1: tagged me!

+You must post these rules

+Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.

+You have to choose five people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

+Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged him/her

+No tag backs

My questions:

1. Part of any fandoms? If yes, list 'em please.
Yeah, a lot. Well, sort of. I never seem to have time to participate in fandoms lately, but I love Portal 2 and Tintin, I guess those are the most recent things I've been derping about. And I'm always all stupidly happy to talk about animated disney movies. Oh, and I've been keeping up with Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. And Game Grumps.

2. What are you wearing?
Black pleather jacket, boots, black jeans and a fedora.

3. When do you go to bed?
Whenever. I guess I try to go at like ten, ten thirty on weeknights, but then I never fall asleep until one or two.

4. Have any actors you like? Who are they, darling?
Stephen Merchant, Bruce Campbell, Crispin Glover, Alan Rickman, Conrad Veidt.

5. Does anything scare you in particular?
Mutation. Anything written by Junji Ito.

6. Do ya like hot weather or cold weather?
If I can't have just intermediate or cool, I guess cold.

7. Is there a song stuck in your head right now?
Yeah, Super Mario Overworld theme.

8. How long has it been since you've scrubbed the toilet?
10,000 years

9. What sorta body types do you think are really attractive?
Bodies possessed by people with confidence. Also, tall, awkward lanky people are pretty hot.

10. Who's da mastah?
Who indeed. ;o
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My summer screenprinting class will be over soon, and hopefully when it's over I won't be a lazy weiner and will instead draw some of the stuff I've been wanting to draw. I never get to do much fan art during the school year, and there's getting to be a backlog of stuff I want to draw.

First off, Love Never Dies, the ridiculous POTO sequel, was hilarious and I want to do at least one comic about that.

I've been listening to a hell of a lot of Gorillaz lately, trying to get my hands on every video and scrap of promotional info I can find. Really want to draw Murdoc and 2D.

Then there's a bunch of stuff I've started and never finished, Portal stuff, Monstrumologist stuff, Tintin stuff...

I think I'll update with a list later, to help me force myself to be productive. I'd really like to draw right now, but I'm hot and achey and I can never draw when my hands are sweaty, anyway.

I miss Labyrinth. I really want to have a nostalgia day where I lay around with a sketchbook and some bros and watch all my favourite fantasy flicks. Having a real job has made me yearn for escapism once more. Yeah, I guess I didn't mention I'm working at Walgreens now. It's funny, I used to always feel... Angry at MCAD for eating my life, but compared to working retail... Man, I am a lucky son of a gun. Taking a summer course has actually been pretty fun. I'll miss it.

Whoa, just realized how much I hate the DA emoticons now. Why have those not been updated? I've been here for what, four years? Come on, man.
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It's funny. I was going through some of my old art, because lately... Well, I noticed that the stuff I produced in first semester of school looked more... Passionate? Than the stuff from second semester. Like, I mean, I don't know if it's something only I can see, but it's like, I can feel the positive emotion I was putting into first semester work, and see it declining in second semester. Eh. Anyway, but yeah, then I started going farther back, and I looking at issues with my old work, and MY GOD. WHY DID NONE OF YOU TELL ME HOW FREAKISHLY LARGE I WAS DRAWING SHOULDERS BACK THEN? It's quite terrifying, actually. I can't remember what changed it... At some point I was just like, wait a minute, these should be smaller. Oh well. Can't change the past.

Man, it feels like it's been forever since I drew something just because I wanted to, and not for school. Going to try to make sure I draw over this summer, because it can be tempting to just lie around and do nothing. Or rather, lie around and play Skyward Sword until my body rots away.

Starting a screen printing course on the 31st, so maybe I'll end up posting work from that, though scanning will be a bit difficult.

Ah, there's a lot of stuff I'm behind on posting on DA, sometimes it's just easier to post on tumblr. I'll update DA today... Probably. >>

My tumblr:
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Just wanted to post a little 'sorry for being an inactive twat' message. I mean, of course I'm busy with school, but I feel like lately I haven't been very hooked in to the online art community and that makes me feel sad. )8

I'm kind of in a weird in between DA and Tumblr phase... Like, DA is way easier to use, but tumblr is kind of exciting and fresh and a lot of people are moving over there.

Do you guys think tumblr is replacing DA? That it's a good replacement for DA?

Either way, maybe some of it's got to do with the background. Am I the only one who finds DA green a little depressing? Or maybe nauseating? Blue just feels so much more... Lively.

Anyway, of course I will continue to post art on here. I just thought I'd give a little explanation for my recent lack of comments and stuff.

And in case anyone missed it, here is my tumblr:

There's some art stuff on there that isn't on here, so if you want more of that. There you go.
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Looks like I finally gave in to peer pressure and made a Tumblr.

This does not mean, however that I will be leaving DA, I'm still going to post all my finished works here, and maybe some scraps. I might post more doodly stuff on Tumblr than I do here, so if you feel you want to look at a shit ton of unfinished work then by all means follow me.

And I'm back at Minneapolis College of Art and Design for fall semester. Have been for two weeks, that is. Or three. Was it three? Maybe it was three. Whatever. I'm tired. The point is, it's going a lot better for me this year. And my illustration class/teacher is amazing. So that's nice. 8)

But on to more important things. I am rereading Harry Potter and it is magnificent. 50 pages into book three. Time to go read.

G'night everybody!
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So, as you may have guessed, my scanner is working again. Actually it's been working for some time, but I never update this thing, so yeah. >>

Anyway, I'm out of school...


I did some fun stuff....

And yeah. Does anyone else have nightmares where summer is over and it's the first day of class? Because I certainly do. A lot. <<

So, in other news, I'm hoping to actually make some prints for the next time I go to a convention. My only problem is backgrounds. I'm always having trouble not only in drawing/digitally creating backgrounds, but just deciding on them in the first place. When you want to create a cute, non-distracting but appropriate for the foreground background, what do you do? I mean, when it's not an actual location but some sort of pattern or design?

Ugh, nevermind, that question is way to broad. I'll work something out. I think the main thing is that I ought to plan them out in advance. >>


I need to go watch a disney movie or something. Anyway, hope you're all enjoying or soon to be enjoying summer!
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Okay, so that's a lie. It probably works, but I can't get it to work with my computer. My old printer/scanner scanned fine but couldn't print for shit which was fine but I just moved to a new house and stuff happened and herp derp and we have a new printer/scanner now and it prints but it won't scan and GODDAMNIT.

And I was thinking I was going to post more doodles, too. But I guess I'll jes' have to wait.

In the meantime maybe I'll post some old shit that I've never bothered to put up here. In scraps. Where it will be safe from prying eyes. >>

This is seriously driving me nuts, though.

God, I hope we fix it soon. I am retarded. I may require assistance.

Also apparently I am cat-sitting this week. He is called Scrapper. Should I be worried?
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It's magic, y'know!

I don't actually have anything important to say, but I haven't updated in a while and I'm in a good mood.

So, I finally made myself an icon I actually like, so that's a pretty big deal, for me. Seriously, it took me so long, I have made so many test icons, and now, finally, I have one I'm not ashamed of.

My current mood is a weird combination of optimism and horror. I am full of positive energy, and yet I ought to be freaking out because I have barely done any work on my huge paper due at the end of the semester, and of course I'll be going back to school on monday, (this week was spring break) and there will be lots of shit to do, and yet... I feel good. All I can think about is blue skies and summer and ice cream cones and the lake finally being unfrozen.

And it's silly because it's still snowy here, I have no right to be feeling Spring fever, yet here I am! Of course, I'm sure it will pass when I have to go back to school, but right now... AWWWW YEAAAHHHH.

In an unrelated note, I know I've been rather sparse when it comes to posting art lately. I have been drawing a shit ton, as always, but almost none of it makes it onto here. I'll bet less than ten percent of things I draw get finished and actually posted. Should I post more doodles?

And then I've done a shit ton of work for school that I haven't bothered to document and post... I'll get to it, eventually...

God, I am slow, too. I start colouring stuff and then I get stuck and it just sits on my computer for forever... Colour is hard! I've been wanting to work with colour more and more lately, and I think I'm getting better at working out colour schemes, but when it comes to actually doing a piece in full color... Derp.

I really ought to learn to use a tablet... I'm so lazy. Oh well! Happy spring, everybody!
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Hey bros my birthday is coming up on the 14th and do you know what I want? I WANT MOAR FUCKING TIME TO DRAW RETARDED VALENTINES CARDS. SHIT!

Seriously, I always wanted to be one of those cool people who's super prolific and always posts something really cool and nice for each holiday, but I am ALWAYS too late!

So, how about as a birthday gift everyone pretends it's totally normal and cool for me to submit shitty Valentine's day related crap throughout the entire month of February. Sound good?

Anyway, hope you all enjoy Valentine's day. I personally think that it's a great day just to appreciate all the wonderful platonic friends you have in your life, but mostly to draw stupid shit. <3
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Thanks to everyone for answering my questions! I think I would like to try and do somethin' with 'em all, like maybe a deviation per answer. Of course, knowing my general lack of motivation to get off my ass, it may take awhile. But we'll see. 8)

Next time I'm strapped for inspiration I know just where to go!

Anyway, not much to report. Lots of school work. On Thanksgiving break at the moment, but I've got LOTS to do all the way up until Christmas Break... Won't that be lovely?

Hmmm... What to report...

I think my annual infinite cold/fever/general shittiness for the winter has started. And um... I have a long car ride tomorrow and I'll finally have some time to read! Is it sad that that qualifies as exciting for me?

OH YEAH! Just remembered, I do have exciting news! I saw The Room in a theatre again, but this time TOMMY FUCKING WISEAU was actually THERE. And I got his autograph, along with Mark's plus a picture. And I was reborn.…

Well, enjoy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you all have fun doing stuff and eating things. 8)
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So, I was thinking about some questions lately, mulling them around in my mind, lettin' 'em formulate. I thought maybe I could pick up some interesting ideas for character designs by picking yer' brains. So whether or not you watch me, please feel free to post your answers, I appreciate it. I might not have a response for everybody, but I will definitely read them all. Thanks bros. 8)

Favourite fruit?

Favourite colour?

Colour that you think represents your personality:

Favourite time of the year:

Closest relationship: (ex. friend, mother, sibling)

An object that you think represents you:

Favourite meal:

Favourite article of clothing or outfit:

Favourite fairy tale/myth/fable:

Do you doubt yourself?

A word you like:
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I have been patient. I waited, even played along, thinking it was just another vaguely annoying fad that would die down in a few days. I even gave them back, out of courtesy. I don't even like llamas! They have absolutely no comedic value whatsoever! Why would I want to spend my time collecting heaps of pixelated hoofed mammals? The answer? I don't. See my page? See the upper left hand corner? See how it's nice and pristine, unmarked? That is because I have chosen not to display this nauseating forced meme on my page. The next random stranger to remind me this feature even exists, I swear to god, I will find out where you live and I will make your life a hell.

Anyway... How's everyone doing? I'm in college now, pretty intense, etc. etc. Reading a lot of String Theory and Homestuck. War for the Oaks, Sellevision and Scarlet Pimpernel. Havin' a good time. Well, when I'm reading at least. xD

Working on some side characters for my Huk story... Doin' lots of projects. Maybe I'll start posting some more school work on here, who knows?

Sure do miss bein' a kid. Have a lap top now... So I'm able to post this from the comfort of my soft, plush bed.

Hey, everybody, if I ask you a bunch of annoying questions sometime, y'wanna answer 'em? Maybe it could be fun... But I'll be good and save them for another entry.

Oh, and you should all watch Tokyo Godfathers because holy shit, it is amazing.
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EXHIBIT A:… =…… =…… =…

FUCK. I would normally never post photos of myself, but at present there is an emergency. It has come to my attention that I am Peter Pan.

Shit. Right down to the fuckin' eye colour, too. Not to mention my weird obsession with goblins and pixies and shit, and the fixation with green clothing and boots. Great. Look at that smug little faerie bastard. Look at that fuckin' cheeky grin. Goddamnit, he could be my biological father.

Well, at least I have plans for Halloween.
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Possible new screennames?

EDIT: Okay, I've narrowed it down some...

Ironised Tux
Sired Ion Tux
Nixed Suitor
Drone Suit XI
Toxin User ID

Use the title to guess my real name and win the prize of creeping me out a little bit.

Anyway, tell me what you think.
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Just found the most BADCORE, HARDASS comic in the universe ASFSFDSFDSAKFHDSAJHFAS.

Okay, seriously, you kids need to read this shit NAO.

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Life is just ripe with possibilities, no? Riper than the socks I've been wearing for the past four days! Brimming with... Things... And... Stuff.

So. I AM A MAN NOW. And will be going to MCAD in the fall. So if anyone who I don't already know is going to MCAD is going to MCAD... Hi. See you at MCAD.

Anyway, new favorite word. Smitheroons. Use it in a sentence? "But Jim was already blowed to smitheroons". It's like smithereens. Except better.…

I was thinking, my identity needs a facelift, you know? I mean, my username is ancient, and there's some pretty embarrassing stuff in my gallery. The old stuff, I mean. Because it goes on for like, eight pages or somethin'. And a lot of it's just... Shamefully bad. Do you guys think I could just go ahead and delete some of it? Would anyone mind?

What do you think of Smitheroons as a new e-mail address? As a user name in general? I've been going by Werm some places...

Ehm. So. That's all I can really think to say. Hope yew kids are having fun.
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Mornin' everybody, thanks for all the uh... Llamas. I don't really know what to do with 'em, but hey, never look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

Anyway, I went to New York, so if you're wondering why I haven't been whoring around the internets the last few days, that's why. xD

I am a lucky little bastard, I know. Good god, we were there for only three days and we tried to cram everything in, it was insane, and exhausting, but really fun. It was my third time there, but my first with my mom and friends, and it was amazing.

We were able to get tickets to the new Addams Family Musical with Nathan Lane and Terrence Mann! Holy shit! The musical was very good, but seeing Lane and Mann onstage was definitely the best part. It was really a charming production, and Lane was amazing! I've never seen him onstage before, only ever in movies, and it was spectacular! He's so charming and charismatic, the whole cast was great. Though Pugsley creeped me out. Perhaps it's just my hatred of children. Anyway, if it tours or something, it's definitely worth seeing. If you like Rocky Horror, Nathan Lane, or the original comic strips, I think you'll really enjoy it. It's very campy and fun, and the music is pretty good too. I particularly like 'Full Disclosure'.

To be honest, a lot of the trip is kind of a blur. It was so crazy and it all went so fast... I'm still spinning.

Oh and we got some really lulzy photos in front of the Church of Scientology. And we saw lots of German tourists and homeless insane people. And I fed the pigeons!

ALSO HOLY SHIT I SAW THE TIM BURTON EXHIBITION AT MOMA! You know, Tim has made some movies recently that really kind of disappointed me, but seeing this... It really reminded me why I fell in love with his work in the first place. They had all sorts of stuff from his sketchbook, some of his unreleased animations, some really amazing paintings of his, sculptures done by other artists of his concepts, props from his movies, everything. It was insanely hot and crowded, but god was it worth it. You walk in through the mouth of this crazy clown creature, then through this black and white striped hallway (the stripes wrap all the way around onto the ceiling) and then you get to the gallery, just stuffed to the breaking point with his work. They had Ed Wood's angora sweater, the puppets from Nightmare Before Christmas, and to me, the most amazing, Edward Scissorhands costume and scissors on a model crafted to look just like the character. It was so beautiful. I mean, the film is often darkly lit, but here, in this gallery, you could see every detail of the costume, things I had never even noticed, and not to mention the hands. God, I would have loved to be alone in that gallery. And it made me realize, even if Tim Burton only ever makes shitty movies from now on, you can't touch that old stuff. It will always be there, and it will always be beautiful, poignant, and original.

Unfortuneatly, no pictures were allowed. However, in the sculpture garden, they had a replica of the deer topiary from Edward Scissorhands, so I got a picture of that.

Man, it was amazing. I only wish I could have had more time to soak everything in, but man, I'm a lucky fucker...

So I'll put the photos up on some social networking site later, since we did so much stuff there's no way I could summarize in this entry.

And now, back to reality, huh? At least I'm still on Spring Break. Have to get ready for my senior exhibition pretty soon here, so we'll see how that goes.

Hope you're all having a wonderful time on break!
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HOLY SHIT. Have you SEEN the modern itunes visualizer? The one that looks like fucking stars and fireworks made sweet love and had a child who then mated with Bruce Campbell thus producing the most BALLS TO THE WALL hardcore experience of awesomeness ever? If you don't have it, GET IT. I don't know or care how, just do it, and make sure it isn't laggy. If you do have it, here you go:

1. Space Oddity -EASILY THE BEST. Use the new Visualizer simply titled 'Itunes Visualizer' not to be confused with 'Itunes Classic Visualizer' which sucks.
2. Don't Stop Me Now- Use the same settings as the first one. Strap in and go nuts.
3. The 'Don't Dream It' section of the Floor Show of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Use the visualizer called Jelly. Just do it.
4. 'Speedy Speed Boy' using Jelly or regular, either way. Awesome.
5. 'Waltz of the Flowers' by Tchaikovsky will make you cry. I suggest trying this with both, but I really enjoy the regular visualizer version.
6. 'Frontier Psychiatrist' because it's just crazy. Whatever you use.
7. 'Hindi Sad Diamonds' from Moulin Rouge. HOLY SHIT. (Use regular, for sure)
8. Pretty much any crazy or remixed song from Moulin Rouge. Seriously, fuck. Awesome.
9. 'Bliss' by Muse. Don't use Jelly on this one if you're prone to seizures.
10. Anything by Muse or Queen, or about space or explosions.

Feel free to tell me if I forgot anything. And yes, I have tested these all, because for some reason some awesome songs just don't work well with visualizer, but these ones work like crazy. Have fun kiddies, don't hurt yourselves. >>
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